Monday, May 16, 2011


Who tries on their wedding dress after 13 1/2 yrs?  The same person who starts a blog with no clear purpose!

I read.  I write.  Daily.  Minute by minute, though, I am refining myself.  Redefining.  This year has been a year of massive changes and an acceptance of self.  So who am I?  If I accept myself, I should figure it out.

So, do I just "doodle" here?  Do I tell you what I am reading - what GI tests I am having - what I am knitting - what recipe I am excited to try? 

I may have a focus some day.  Right now.... I am scattered.  Go back to school or stay home and run and write?  If I write, what should it be?  If I run, should I tell you that?  If eating half a banana too much sends my intestines into a spiral, do I share?

Do I catalogue my kids and tell family I am here now?  Do I share couponing glories?  Do I share my fears as my kids grow up and need me less yet need me more?

Not sure. 

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